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MIAMI, Feb. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Touchpoint Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: TGHI), a media and digital technology holding company, and its licensee, Royal Personal Training (“RPT” or “Royal”), today provided an update on subscriber growth and announces new strategic partner for the RPT Live Touchpoint app (RPT Live) available in the iOS store.

The RPT Live fitness app is providing subscribers with the ability to live stream classes hosted by RPT’s thriving team of 40 elite instructors proficient in nutritional counseling, goal mapping, exercise testing, body composition analysis, and much more. The app also provides access to class schedules, descriptions, and original merchandise. In addition to the multi category on-demand video classes, the RPT team of instructors are able to live stream and upload classes to the app, providing users access to elite level training from anywhere. The RPT Live fitness application is available for download on any iOS device via Apple’s App Store.

The RPT team has entered into an agreement with celebrity artist Trey Songz as the face of their key influencer marketing drive to promote RPT Live. Trey Songz will be hosting weekly live stream classes and assisting Royal in promoting their unique brand of fitness and wellbeing. To date, downloads of the app are in excess of 30,000 with subscribers of over 4,000. Daily average for the last 30 days of download to subscriber conversion rate is 18.7%.

Shahin Safai, founder and CEO of RPT, commented, “I am proud to announce this collaboration with Trey who brings a new dimension to RPT Live. Singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor, Trey has an enviable exposure to social media and we are excited to extend our brand of fitness and well-being to his audience for RPT Live.

Over the past eight years we have built a network of high-profile clients that have grown to become family. This partnership with Trey will serve as a pillar to build on for further celebrity content and relationships. We have curated a new form of digital fitness that takes the excitement of a live workout and makes you feel truly as if you were in the gym training with one of our elite coaches and celebrity friends. We have created highly captivating workout programs that are not only extremely effective but very entertaining as well. Filled with intriguing Q&As, special guest appearances, insightful advice and much more. This is an exciting time, and I am truly overwhelmed by our early success with subscribers nearing 5,000.”

Trey Songz commented, “RPT and I both believe that the power of fitness can help bring out the best version of ourselves, not only physically but mentally as well. I’ve been training with RPT for several years, they are family to me and so this partnership was natural progression of our relationship. Our first live workout on the app was an incredible experience and I loved to see that people from all around the world joined in to train with me.”

Spencer Christopher CTO of Touchpoint, said, “Shahin and his team have done an incredible job curating and expanding their strategy for continued growth of the platform. Trey’s cultural impact has spanned generations and now he’s bringing his love of fitness and wellness to that audience. This collaboration is a testament to our unyielding pursuit to build a fully engaging and motivating experience that our community will come back to every single day. RPT continues to break barriers and expand horizons with their industry changing approach to online physical training and the thriving RPT Live app exemplifies this.”

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