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Connect Ltd.

Connecting Fans & Brands.

100% Owned By TGHI

A robust fan engagement platform designed to enhance the fan experience and drive commercial aspects of the sport and entertainment ‘business’.

Touchpoint brings users closer to the action by enabling them to engage with clubs, favourite players, peers and relevant brands through features that include live streaming, access to limited edition merchandise, gamification (chance to win unique one-off life experiences), user rewards, 3rd party branded offers, c/cards and associated benefits.

Touchpoint is available to a broad audience as a white label product. The platform provides in-depth analytics that enable marketing teams to ensure that they deliver aligned, strategic messages and campaigns to the right audience at the right time.

contrail of sport aircraft race at the airshow in front of the parlament in Budapest above

Air Race Limited

Building on the significant legacy that the Red Bull Air Race leaves behind, AIR RACE is well placed to deliver one of the World’s most thrilling and pioneering global sporting events - focused on future tech,  innovation, clean energy and spectator experience.

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